"this tower is gay, Avery: Just like me"


Avery is one of the four main characters in Avery RPG

  • Starting level: 1
  • Max level: 30
  • Profile: "the gayest of them all"


Avery Can equip the following types of Armour and weapons according to the RPG maker MV database

  • Sword
  • General Armour
  • Light Armour
  • Small shield

Skills & levels learned

Avery Can learn the following Skills

  • Gay Flame: Learned at level 4
  • Gay Punches: Learned at level 12


In Avery RPG, Avery is the reason the tails dolls even exists due to the fact that the Tails doll was his OC Greg, in disguise. the reason Greg did this was because Avery had killed him when Avery had reset his PC, but Greg survived and is out for revenge


  • Did you know? that Avery, is hella gay? SHOCKING I KNOW!
  • Despite all the gay memes Avery is actually only 1/2 gay.
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