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Blackling is one of the four main characters in Avery RPG                           

 Starting level: 2

 Max level: 30

 Profile: none 


Blackling Can equip the following types of Armour and weapons according to the RPG maker mv editor

  •  Axe
  •  General Armour
  •  Light Armour
  •  Heavy Armour
  •  Small Shield
  •  Large Shield

Skills & levels learned

Blackling Can learn the following Skills

  •  Heal: Learned at level 5 


In Avery RPG, Blackling Did Jack Shit. he existed in Avery's bathroom for like 5 minutes and then gets added to the party.


  •  Blackling is the only character in the game (besides avery) that can equip the gay coat, could this mean that Blackling is ALSO hella gay? IDK who cares
  •  Despite being called Blackling in both rpg maker's database And in the menus Blackling is always referred to as "Miles" by the other characters.
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