"If you can kill these two, i'll


get out off my ass and leave"


Brofilms is one of the four main characters in Avery RPG as well as the creator of the game.                           

 Starting level: 10

 Max level: 30

 Profile: none


Brofilms Can equip the following types of Armour and weapons according to the RPG maker MV database

  •   Bow
  •   General Armour
  •   Magic Armour

Skills & levels learned

Brofilms Can learn the following Skills

  •   Critique: Learned at level 10


In Avery RPG, Brofilms takes Avery & Co. (which includes himself) to the top of the MV default tileset mountain. he then places the orb in the weird cult like religious pattern thing and summons the Tails doll, leading Avery & co. to do stuff in order to try and find a way to get rid of him/kill him


  •   The reason Brofilms asks Avery to kill Doraemon is because there's a running gag on Brofilm's youtube and twitter in which he makes memes using the character.
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