"Legends say that this doll


comes out of your TV when you play Sonic

R, and attempts to murder th-"


Emolga is one of the four main characters in Avery RPG                           

 Starting level: 2

 Max level: 30

 Profile: none


Emolga Can equip the following types of Armour and weapons according to the RPG maker MV database

  •  Cane
  •  General Armour
  •  Magic Armour

Skills & levels learned

Emolga Can learn the following Skills

  •  Akip Spark: Learned at level 6


In Avery RPG, Emolga is the reason the adventure happens to begin with due to him bringing up the tails doll curse urban legen/creepypasta/whatever.


  •  Emolga's only magic attack, Akip spark, is one of only 2 attacks that hurt all enemies instead of just 1.
  •  older versions of the game have some of Emolga's dialogue show the name "Retro" as Emolga's name instead of Emolga, and there are unused files showing art of retro as well as screenshots showing Retro in Emolga's spot in the party.
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