• You can only select "New game" once the timer has reached zero seconds
    • The timer can start in the negatives as long as you don't select "new game" until you reach zero seconds
  • The timer ends when the final boss Greg dies and the collapse effect starts
    • The collapse effect is when he turns a white color, becomes semi-transparent, and starts to scroll his way out of existence.
  • You are not allowed to enter the debug/test room during the run.
  • You can not use the hidden event that gives the player 1000 exp


  • Don't watch the intro.
  • It's recommended that you do not enter the tower until you are level 6
  • It's recommended that you do not fight the tower's boss ( Doraemon and Dorami ) until you reach level 7.
  • Whenever you start an encounter or enter a cutscene hold "Z" it will speed up the text and will automatically go to the next text box/select attack.
  • While grinding to get to level 6 it's recommended that you enter the mountain area and grind encounters there


Rank Speedrunner Time Link to official run
1st. Brofilms 27:04.19
2nd. D.R.G. 34:56.87
3rd. Orion 43:11.42
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